Josh Wakefield, Sensei 抗議の嵐 - Instructor / Sempai

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Joe Bolding, Kaiso 静かな嵐 - Head Instructor / Owner / Founder

Quiet Storm Martial Arts was founded in 2010 by Joe Bolding Sensei. His passion for improving the lives of others by teaching self protection, mental discipline, and spiritual strength is apparent in every class he teaches. Bolding Sensei has been a positive influence in the lives of many. His ability to reach children and adults alike has earned Quiet Storm Martial Arts a growing reputation as one of Arizona's best martial arts schools. Besides being martial arts instructor, Bolding Sensei is also a devoted father who realizes from his own life experiences how important martial arts is to our very impressionable youth. He has donated his time, money, and expertise at community, school, church,  and various fundraisers teaching Women's Self Defense and Anti- Bullying classes . He is a honorably discharged, decorated, Operation Desert Storm war veteran that teaches honor, service, patriotism, and loyalty in all his classes. He is adamant about, "knowledge is power...", and insists his student's knowledge base to go beyond trivial gossip, social media, reality shows, and even martial arts. It is very important to him that his students try to learn a little about everything, including other arts/cultures, and much more importantly the current events of what's going on in the world of today.

Bolding Sensei has been involved with martial arts most of his life. He has 30+ years of on the mat and street combat experience. He believes in a principled approach to martial arts, that includes the development of personal character, citizenship, service, as well as physical strength. His focus on respect, confidence, righteousness, discipline, and vision has made him one of the most sought after martial arts instructors in Arizona.
Bolding Sensei has experience in, but not limited to these various arts:

various traditional and modern Ninjutsu and Samurai martial arts schools, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Wing Chun,

Jujutsu (Brazilian and Japanese), Karate, American Kickboxing, Russian Sambo.

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