Self Defense Weapons


The Nindo Ryu Iaijutsu Arizona Study Group will be taught by Leon Major Hanshi (Rokudan in Nindo Ryu Iaijutsu) in a series of 4 intensive seminars held  periodically throughout the year. Attendance of all seminars doesn't guarantee that you'll receive your Shodan. Between those seminars, it is up to us to dedicate time to practice and become proficient in the sword skills that we have learned. Only the truly dedicated students should apply for such a commitment. You must attend every Iaijutsu seminar to be considered and graded for shodan. Make ups will be arranged and done by private, or semi-private instruction only through Leon Major Hanshi.  All testing will be done by Leon Major Hanshi himself. This exciting new class will compliment almost any art that you're currently studying!  We are now accepting applications for enrollment! 

*Although open to all ranks, you must be a Shodan, or above by the time of testing to take the examination.*