*"As a career police officer, I would have to say Joe Bolding's instruction as an instructor is top notch!" - Dave R., Police Officer

*"Joe is a great person, who enjoys working with people." - Karen C., Teacher

*Joe Bolding is a dedicated instructor to his arts and his students. Joe is a caring person full of life. I recommend him, as one instructor to another instructor. Yet we differ in the arts and in our styles. He is very easy and always able to talk with. From what I know of him on a personal level. He is great with children. Joe has a lot of character. Now a days this seems hard to come by. He makes learning martial arts fun. And when your having fun your learning. Planting the seeds of what will grow - saves the arts for a new generation to come." - Thomas P., Website Developer, Martial Arts Instructor

*"Joe is committed to his work, and is a dedicated instructor and family man. Wouldn't have anyone else as an instructor!" - Clifford G. III, Lawyer

*Joe is a strong person, who truly believes and enjoys what he does. He is excellent with people. He is very is easy to get along with." - Karin M., Teacher

*"I agree with the other reviews. Joe loves learning and teaching, and he helps others to do the same. He knows the love of the art must thrive for any technical proficiency to grow. If you need an instructor who can help you learn both, get to know him." - John A., Teacher

 *"Joe Bolding from Quiet Storm Martial Arts has provided a very effective and safe after school martial arts club for our small K-8 charter school students here at Liberty Arts Academy.  It is nice to know I can count on him to be dependable and organized.  The students enrolled in the club love to attend, and the parents also appreciate and respect Joe as their child's dedicated sensei.  In addition, our students have shown more focus and respect in their regular classrooms while being concurrently enrolled in our martial arts club with Mr. Bolding.  I would recommend this program to any school!" -
Julia A., School Leader  and Principal
*Dear Mr. Bolding,
*"The boys talked and talked and talked about how much they enjoy you and your class. They mentioned everything is different and are very impressed, as I after hearing such wonderful things. George had to show me what he has learned, naturally :D I am so thrilled Mr. Bolding, thank you! I will fill out George's paperwork, and you will see the both of them Thursday. Thank you sir!" - Nasbah W.

*"My daughter chyann loved karate, and Joe taught her so much, that I can't wait for her to start up again and learn more. Joe is a great teacher and awesome person! Thank you for everything!" - Stephanie M.

*"Joe Bolding has shown himself to be an excellent teacher to my son, as well as to myself. He transitions between teaching children and adults easily, providing my son as well as myself the instruction appropriate for our ages and skill levels, as well as the proper attitudes that make a martial artist out of children instead of bullies." - R. Scott S., Photographer

*"For the last nine months our 6 year old son along with 11 other kids have been in Sensei's kids class. He has an incredible ability and patience in working with these young boys and girls. He has been teaching them to be respectful of others, self discipline, to be kind and helpful towards others, and self defense. Our son is looking forward in continuing his training. As for me, I am now involved in his adult class after 30 years of no training. Unlike many other styles, you begin learning techniques you can use right away for self defense. I would highly recommend his class to anyone! Thank You, Sensei!"-Keith C.

*Quality instructor!

"Quiet Storm Martial Arts provides martial arts classes at our school. The kids love the program! Joe provides life skills, and teaches appropriate behavior in addition to quality martial arts instruction. He really cares about the kids." - Gretchen L., Vice Principle

*Best Martial Arts Class!

"My son, Daryen, has been taking classes with Mr. Joe Bolding since 2015, and he loves his classes! He teaches him how to defend himself with different techniques, to be a leader, and to be respectful, always be honest, and to follow his parent's orders. I am so happy that my son is part of his group!" - Lilly D.

*Recommended Karate teacher!

"An excellent teacher  who pays attention to the whole class, as well as to individuals as needed. He teaches them basic, essential, life skills as well as basic fundamentals of  self defense."  - Nicholas D.

*"Amazing Class & Awesome Instructor!

All aspects of this class blew me away! From the amazing one on one talks from sensei to the training curriculum, seeing the growth and development my daughter has made in the short months in attendance have left me speechless. Her discipline and confidence level are through the roof, and I couldnt be happier!"  - Jaclyn C.

*Awesome experience!

"Amazing instructor and person. I've had the honor of working with him and his students. They made me feel like family. I look forward to working with them again."  - Leon M., Nindo Ryu Bujutsu Kai Shihan Instructor

*ADHD, speech delays, sensory issues, they've taught my kids to power through challenges!
"Great instructor! Not only teaches well, but also teaches life lessons too. My children have learned a lot including self dicipline." - Vanessa H.

*Amazing instructor

"So great with the kids! Love that he teaches anti-bullying!"  - Alora T., Registered Nurse

*You can't go wrong with Sensei!!

"I would recommend Quiet Storm Martial Arts to anyone! Not only is Sensei a great guy, but he has a unique ability with working with kids."